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Little Pink HouseWe bought the house in the photo for $17,500 a dozen years ago in a beautiful mountain town. You can read that story on our page on buying a home in Anaconda, Montana. Prices there went up quickly after this purchase, but dropped again after the boom years -- a scenario repeated in many places. Now, even with prices on the rise again around the country, there are still a few nice towns with good homes under $50,000, but we also cover affordable housing at higher prices. Here are the pages where you'll want to start:

Under $50,000

Some of the few towns left that meet our original criteria.

Under $75,000

Nice towns and cities with inexpensive homes.

Under $125,000

More places where you can still afford a decent home.


Affordable when measured by this key ratio.

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How to Find Inexpensive Houses - Updated July, 2014 - What to look for and how to quickly find the information you need.

Houses Versus Condos in Southern Florida - Whether you are moving to southern Florida to retire or for work, or just looking for a second home in a warmer environment, if you are buying rather than renting you have a choice to make. Will you buy a house or a condominium? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and you'll find them explained below. Our comparison is based on six... Continue reading here...

Ten Ways to Increase Rental Income - If you own a few rental houses, an apartment building, or other residential income properties, you would probably like to increase your net income. Who wouldn't? And the obvious way to boost your profit is to just... Continue reading here...

Selling Tip - When selling a property, you should almost always put the price in the advertising. This keeps unqualified buyers from wasting your time. Also, many potential buyers just pass over ads without prices because the ones with prices are more interesting. The only reason agents skip the price sometimes is that selling your property is not any more important than getting a phone call from a curious buyer who will buy some property.

Lower Deposit - What if you don't want to tie up cash in an earnest money deposit for an offer that may not be accepted? Make it a two-part deposit. Give $1,000 in earnest money, for example, but specify in the offer that this will be increased to $3,000 once the offer is accepted, or an inspection, appraisal or other contingency is met. This keeps your money from being tied up until you know that the seller is serious about selling to you.

Cheap Homes Guide

Houses Versus Condos in Southern Florida - Which make more sense?

Real Cost of Buying a Home - How to properly compare your options.

Mobile Homes: A Decent Option - There are a few you may not have thought of.

Buying a Condo in Florida - We had to cancel the contract because...

Buying a House Without a Loan - How to do it.

How to Find Cheap Houses for Sale - Six distinct ways to buy cheap.

Really Cheap Housing - Ways to keep renting or buying inexpensive.

Selling a Home

How to Sell a House - An entire e-book now free on this site.

Selling a House - What to do about the kitchen.

How to Sell Your House without a Realtor - Tips and possible problems.

Selling a House in This Market - Six suggestions for tough times.

Real Estate Investing

Ten Ways to Increase Rental Income - There are two basic approaches.

Seller's Dirty Trick - How to avoid paying too much for rental property.

Creative Real Estate Investing - My story and other examples...

Flipping Houses and Other Real Estate - Without investing a dime?

Fixer Upper Homes - The most important thing is...

Sell Mobile Homes in Your Park - A safe, high-return strategy.

Types of Real Estate - Examples of what to invest in and how.

Real Estate Negotiation Technique - Use time to your advantage.

Be a Hard Money Lender - It's a lucrative way to invest.

Psychology of Real Estate Investing - A couple examples to learn from.

Renting Out a Condo - Part one of our experience buying a rental condo.

Investing in Real Estate - Index of all related pages; updated for 2013.

100 Ways to Profit from Real Estate - Read the entire list right now!

Three Real Estate Investment Ideas - For questionable markets.

Real Estate Investment Tips - Eighteen tips for investors.

Tips for Flipping a House - Six suggestions.

Investing Tip of the Week

Your Hometown Investing Advantage - When you invest near where you live it's easier for you to see the trends in home prices, employment, rental rates and other things that will affect future prices. You will likely here about the new employers coming to the area and notice the neighborhoods that are declining or getting better before an outsider would, so take advantage of your position.

Real Estate Financing

Financing Glossary - The terms defined from A to Z.

Loan Pre-Approval - Pre-approval can help get your offer accepted.

Mortgage Points? - Should you pay them or not?

Other Real Estate

Alternative Housing - School busses, houseboats and more.

International Real Estate - Index of our pages on other countries.

Renting or Buying in Cape Town - Real estate in South Africa.

Living in Thailand - What you need to know.

Living in New Zealand - Where to live; whether to rent or buy.

Living in Malaysia - Some of the housing options, visa tips, and other information.

Amsterdam Real Estate - The newest addition to our international pages.

Cabins for Sale - Cheap - Updated for 2012, examples and ideas.

Cheap Land for Sale - Some examples from around the country.

News and Opinion

Real Estate Dishonesty - The industry needs to be cleaned up.

Buy a Home Using Government Advice? - Look at these examples...

FHA Inspection - A Sham? - Our experience and thoughts about the system.

The Benefits of the Housing Slump? - There are some good ones...

Market Volatility - Does your home's value change by 10% daily?

A Good Time to Buy a Home? - Find out how to decide.

Other Pages

Expensive Homes - The most expensive small towns in America.

Find Pet Friendly Condos - How to do it and what to look for.

Hold a Proper Moving Sale - A how-to guide to doing it right.

Buying a New Home - What you need to know.

Cash Real Estate - The trend toward cash sales of houses and condos is here.

Find Your Own Inexpensive Houses - How to research; updated for 2013.

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Real Estate Profits -

Rent Rooms Profitably -

Unusual Ways to Make Money -

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