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Canon City Real Estate

The Last Affordable Mountain Town In Colorado?


The first thing we noticed was that in Canon City real estate was still affordable. Then we saw the climate statistics. An average high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit in January? That sounded a whole lot better than 20 degree winters we put up with in Michigan. We started making plans for a home shopping trip.

We were actually coming from Tucson, Arizona. We had been living there for about 18 months. Real estate in Tucson was getting a little crazy (this was at the beginning of summer in 2006), and the town is a bit hot, to say the least. Michigan and Montana, our previous two homes, were too cold in the winter. Canon City looked to be just right.

And it is. We were impressed a soon as we came into town. On the internet it looked dry and dusty, but it was green and pretty in reality. Someone needs to take some better photographs for their web sites. We found a hotel, and the next day looked at a few houses. A day later we bought the house below.

House In Canon City Colorado

$65,000 (June 2006)

It is technically a one bedroom (we have no kids, pets or large screen televisions), but we use the carpeted, enclosed back porch as a bedroom too. There is a little "house" in back that had a workshop in one room and a bedroom/storage room set up in the other. There is also a root cellar, and a brick garage that we made into our personal disco. The enclosed front porch has large screen windows that make it a great place to sit on summer evenings, and the irrigation system keeps the grass green.

More about Canon City Real Estate

We love Canon City, and not just for the cheap real estate. It is great to be in a nice climate and be so close to so many beautiful areas. The town itself is still small (29,000?), but there are snowy mountain ranges an hour away, canyons and hiking trails minutes away, and the Arkansas River goes right through town. The Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the world, is eight miles west of town. At least a dozen outfits run rafting trips through the gorge's class 4 and 5 rapids.

The town is a bit quiet, but it is growing. In the fourteen months we have lived here, we have seen a few businesses fail in or near downtown, but we have also seen ten new ones start. A great brew pub and restaurant just opened this summer, as well as a mountaineering shop and a kayak store. The big box stores are here as well - Home Depot, WalMart Supercenter, and Office Depot. The downtown area seems much livelier this summer than last, and there are festivals and other events throughout the year.

Home Prices in Canon City

Note: For various reasons we moved to Florida in 2012. But we do keep up on what's happening in the town, and we watch the home prices, which seem to be rising slowly, as they have for a few years now. Here is some information on that as of the summer of 2014...

The only really cheap options left are a few mobile homes (on lots, not rental spaces) for under $50,000.

If you want a nice, ready-to-live-in three-bedroom, two-bath home in town it will cost you at least $100,000 now. Everything under that appears to be a fixer upper. And some of the current listings are for homes that are well over 100 years old, so reapirs and renovations can involve surprises.

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