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Where to Find Cheap Land for Sale

By - 2012

Yes, there is still cheap land for sale in nice places, and in many areas of the country too. Some places never had a real estate bubble, and so have been reasonable all along. Others have dropped in price. The examples that follow were gleaned from various online resources, and were available as of early 2012, when our last update was done. We limited the examples to those that were under $100,000, and one is just $18,000.

Colville, Washington

This one from is at the top of our range (for this page), at $100,000. But along with its nine acres you get a two bedroom two bath remodeled hunting camp (mobile home). It sits at the edge of some evergreen trees, and there is good fishing and hunting in the area (February 2012).

Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Get 320 acres for just $62,400. That's less than $200 per acre. What's more, the owner will sell it for a few thousand dollars down and carry the balance with payments of $504 per month. Now the catch; it may have some accessibility issues. It is in an area with BLM land, and you must cross the BLM property to get to yours. This is allowed, but it is not clear if there is a decent road to your land. By the way, if you are a cash buyer, look at how low the holding cost would be while you figure out access; Taxes are just $150 per year at the moment. This listing was found in February 2012 on

Wolverine, Michigan

There are a lot of hunting camps with land for sale in Michigan, but if you want just the land, this listing from has 28 acres of hardwoods and rolling hills. According to the information, deer, pheasant and wild turkeys are common. The price is $55,000, and we found the property in February of 2012.

Lander County, Nevada

The price is just $59,9095 for this 160-acre parcel. It has been surveyed, electricity is close, and water is usually found at around 150 feet in this area. The seller will take $995 down and carry the balance with no credit check. It is near a town, so there may be development potential in the future. This is another listing from (Febraury 2012).

Park County, Colorado

This listing from is five acres a few miles southeast of the town of Fairplay. There are mountains all around, and good trout fishing in the area as well. (What they don't mention is that Fairplay is also called South Park, and was the inspiration for the show by that name.) The price; $13,497, with just $149 down and $260 per month (February 2012).

Lewistown, Montana

What can you get for under $50,000 in Montana? How about this February 2012 listing from; 40 acres with a seasonal creek and a small hunting cabin. It is near the musselshell river and in an area famous for its elk hunting. Just $49,000 and it even borders BLM land so there won't be anyone building too close to you. For another $28,000 you can get an additional adjoining 23 acres and have BLM land on three side of your property.

Saint Joe, Arkansas

This is another great listing from The 60 acres include "spectacular panoramic views," a good building site on a ridge with southern exposure, easy access, telephone and electric nearby, and you will even get good cell phone coverage here. The price is $99,900 as of February 2012. Oh, and for those readers who like their privacy; this one sits at the end of a dead end road.

Rusk County, Wisconsin

A great example of the cheap land for sale out there, this wooded seven-acre parcel is priced at just $18,000. It is prime hunting land, and a snowmobile trail runs along one side of the property. There is even a small water hole, and a 17 x 40 foot trailer (included, but as-is) for a camp. We found this listing on in February, 2012.

These are just a few examples, and by no means the cheapest ones. Look around and you'll find that almost every state has some nice areas where you can find cheap land for sale.

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