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How to Sell a House

By - 2010

The following pages on how to sell a house faster and for a higher price were originally from the e-book Make More Money Selling Your Home, which is no longer for sale. All chapters can be found here. You can pick and choose from the links below or start from the first and, using the link at the bottom of each page, read the book straight through.

Pricing a Home Too High - It can really put a dent in what you make in the end.

Pricing a House Too High - More on why it can backfire to aim high.

How to Price a House - The market value plus the normal "spread" for your area.

How to Determine Fair Market Value - Forget what you think it's worth.

Fair Market Value of a Home - A formula you can use.

Notes on How to Find the Value of a Home - Final thoughts about market value.

Sell Your Own Home? - Should you go it alone or get an agent's help?

The Drawbacks of Selling a Home Yourself - Continues the list from the previous page.

How to Sell a House Yourself - Here's what you need to do if you try it alone.

The Best Real Estate Agent for You - How to find good help when you need it.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent - Some more questions to ask before hiring.

More on Choosing a Real Estate Agent - A few other things to check out.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent - The final page on agents and secrets of the business.

Preparing a Home for Sale - How to make a good first impression with buyers.

How to Prepare a House for Sale - Tips on getting the highest return on investment.

Staging a Home For Sale - And other final thoughts about preparation.

How to Market Your House - Learn what buyers are looking for.

More on How to Market a House - A continuation of the chapter.

How to Advertise a House - What information to include and where to advertise.

Marketing a Home - Some final thoughts about what it takes.

How to Sell for More - One specific strategy that can really boost the price you get.

Get a Higher Price - A few more ways to get more for your home.

Lower Costs Mean More Money for You - Ways to cut the costs of selling your home.

Negotiating a Sale - Some basic negotiation strategies to learn and use.

Negotiating a Home Sale - A checklist and suggestions for the wording of the contract.

The Real Estate Closing Process - A look at the basic elements of closing the deal.

A Home Selling Checklist - Work your way through it systematically for best results.

A Checklist for Selling a House - The second part of our list.

I hope you find How to Sell a House useful. The repetitive titles above are due to the fact that most chapters from the original book are broken into several web pages, and each page needs a name. The twenty-eight pages here do contain the entirety of the book, and as mentioned above, you can read straight through starting with the first page and following the links provided on each.

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