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I knew it was time to start a section of the website devoted to international real estate when I started to see traffic to the page on buying real estate in Mexico. I will continue to add quality articles and information on international investing, but here is good selection to start with.

Renting or Buying a House in Cape Town South Africa - Where to look and how to do it.

Living in Thailand - History, notes on the country, visa matters and where to rent or buy a home.

Living in New Zealand - Tips and good information from our writer who is living there.

Living in Malaysia - How to manage visas, how much you will pay in rent and more...

What You Need to Know about Living Abroad - Some good tips and suggestions from our writer in Israel.

Rentals in Israel - Pricing varies widely, and inclusions are different than in other countries.

Amsterdam Real Estate : A guide to renting and buying for locals and foreigners.

Buy A House In Spain : How to Own Your Dream Home in Spain, an article by Rhiannon Williamson.

Buying Real Estate In Mexico: How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico, an article by Rosana Hart.

Bulgarian Real Estate : Bulgarian real estate is the best deal in the E.U. according to Mark Gardner Emerson. Find out why.

China Real Estate : Why is China’s Real Estate Sector so Popular? An article by Rhiannon Williamson.

Montenegro Real Estate : The Most Exciting Property Market in Europe, by Rhiannon Williamson.

Malta Real Estate : The Rising Appeal of Malta, by Rhiannon Williamson.

Latvia Real Estate : The Key to Successfully Investing in Investment Real Estate in Latvia, an article by Rhiannon Williamson.

Egypt Real Estate : Is Egypt's Real Estate Sector Really Worth Investing in? by Rhiannon Williamson.

Canada Real Estate : Ongoing Opportunity in Canada’s Real Estate Sector, by Rhiannon Williamson.

Foreign Real Estate Investment - An article on about buying real estate in Israel.

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