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Below you'll find links to all the pages that cover investing in real estate, generally with the newest ones added to the top of the list. Of course, knowledge about some aspects of buying a home are useful to an investor as well, so be sure to browse the lists of resources related to that, which can be found on the home page.

This is not meant to be a guide to the best ways to invest, since those change continually. Some pages here will seem outdated, but the techniques looked at may work again as the market evolves. Meanwhile there are some fresh pages as of 2012 that are more relevant to what's happening now.

Our Real Estate Investing Pages

100 Ways to Profit from Real Estate - Many entries link to additional resources.

Ten Ways to Increase Rental Income - This also looks at how to decide which to use.

Creative Real Estate Investing - My first real estate deal starts the examples.

Flipping Houses and Other Real Estate - How to do it without cash.

Rental Property Seller's Dirty Trick - A true story or two to guide you...

Buy and Sell Mobile Homes in Your Park - A safe way to make big returns.

Types of Real Estate - And different ways to invest.

A Real Estate Negotiation Technique - Learn how to use time investment.

Fixer Upper Homes - Buying right and fixing the right things.

Be a Hard Money Lender - Make big returns on your investments.

Inefficient Market - It is the inefficiencies that make real estate interesting.

Psychology of Real Estate Investing - Two examples of where you can go wrong.

Renting Out a Condo - Our investing experience detailed in three parts.

Tips for Flipping a House - Updated for 2012.

Real Estate Prices - Cities where they are falling fast in 2012.

Market Volatility in Real Estate - It's greater than we realize.

Cheap Property for Sale - Examples and how to pay less.

How to Make Money in Real Estate - Different ways for different investors.

Real Estate Investing Secrets - Three you need to know.

Used Mobile Homes - Why they can be such a good investment.

Real Estate Partners - Watch Out! - You might want to go it alone.

Investment Opportunities in Real Estate - Several good examples.

Flipping Houses - A look at four ways to do it.

A Real Estate Investment Club - Tips for developing one.

Real Estate Investment Tips - Eighteen tips for investors.

More Real Estate Investor Tips - A continuation of the page above.

Real Estate Investment Ideas - Three for use in tough markets.

Residential Rental Properties - Five kinds to consider.

Unusual Real Estate Investments - Flea markets to hunting lodges and more.

Buying Rental Real Estate Cheap - Some examples from late 2008.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing - Six steps.

Home Ownership for Profit - Take advantage of the tax code.

Wholesaling Real Estate - Low risk, high returns - how it is done.

Playing Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Game - I called on the ad and met with five others...

Anaconda Five Years Later - We return to the town that started the website.

Protecting Your Rental Income - Keep that income high, and raise it.

Land Contract Versus Mortgage - What to consider when offering financing.

Real Estate Negotiation - The Compromise - How to do it right.

Do Your Own Rental Management? - Maybe, but then again...

Selling Real Estate - Give The Buyers Information : Here's a list.

Your Own Real Estate Investing Course - How to create it.

Real Estate Negotiation - The Compromise - How to do it right.

Market Value - What it is - and isn't.

Should You Buy Foreclosure Homes? - It isn't easy money.

Due Diligence Checklist - Avoid common problems when buying income property.

Selling Land - Three important tips to get a fast sale at a higher price.

Cheap Real Estate - A simple technique.

Real Estate Math - Simple formulas you should know.

Real Estate Investing Tips - For keeping it safe and profitable.

Real Estate Investment Clubs - They can educate you and help you make money.

Real Estate Success - It's found in good investor habits.

Sell Real Estate Notes - Guidelines - How to sell that note.

Buying Rental Properties - What to Look For - Ten tips for finding the best deals.

Motivated Sellers - How do you find them? Ten ways.

Make Money with Room Rentals - Thousands of dollars extra each year.

Get Rich with Mobile Homes - You can build equity faster in a mobile home?

Real Estate Negotiation Techniques - Ten to use the next time you buy.

Tips for Selling Your House - Ten of them.

Sell Your Rental Property for More - Net income more than paint.

Hiring a Contractor - Avoid common mistakes when hiring a contractor.

Reasons to Offer Seller Financing - Easier for buyers means making more.

Real Estate Financing - Ten ways.

Seller Financing - Six Safety Tips - Be safe when you offer seller financing.

Creative Financing - Ten Ways - Ten creative financing techniques.

Real Estate Investing - Ten Myths - A grain of truth and a lot of misunderstanding.

Your Real Estate Investment Team - A good agent, banker, and others.

Rental Properties - How do you get more cash flow from your properties?

Zero Down Real Estate Investing - The many ways to do it.

Making Money in Real Estate - Ten Basic Ways : Buying low, selling high, and eight more.

Rental Property Management - Ten questions to ask.

Invest in Real Estate - Where? : Where to invest? Start by asking the right questions.

Do Real Estate Research by Talking

Real Estate Appraisal for Rental Properties

Real Estate Inspection - Doing Your Own

Purchase Property - Three Ways

Real Estate Quiz

Hard Money Lenders

Ways to Find Investment Properties

Home Inspection Checklist

International Real Estate

The Importance of Financing

While your approach to investing in real estate may have to change with time, the need for real estate is so basic that there will always be a way to profit from it. For example, as this page is being updated in 2013, there is still demand for rentals since so many foreclosed homes are sitting empty waiting for the foreclosure process to be completed, and people still need to live somewhere.

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