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The pages of Houses Under Fifty are listed here, with links. There are two other "indexes" or "site maps" that have pages listed for the following two section (most of which are not listed here): International Real Estate and Investing In Real Estate.

Cheap Homes: The home page, where new pages are announced. This is also linked to from the logo at the top of each page.

Houses Versus Condos in Southern Florida - And the winner is....

Ten Ways to Increase Rental Income - And how to decide whether to use them.

Avoid This Seller's Dirty Trick - How income and prices are inflated on rental properties.

Creative Real Estate Investing - This page starts with my own true story.

Flipping Real Estate - No money is required.

Buy and Sell Mobile Homes - In your own MH park.

Types of Real Estate - Examples of what to invest in and how.

Time Investment: a Real Estate Negotiation Technique - A true story and some tips...

Fixer Upper Homes - How to do them right.

Unique Properties - Inefficient markets make for good investments.

Be a Hard Money Lender - Returns of over 20% annually!

Preparing Your Home for Sale - Follow these steps.

An Inefficient Market - What makes real estate investing worthwhile.

We Sell Our Condo - Part four in our series on investing in a condo.

Condo Living - The Good and the Bad - Based on our experience.

Real Cost of Buying a Home - How to properly compare your options.

Real Estate Dishonesty - What the industry does wrong (a few examples).

Psychology of Real Estate Investing - Watch out for these problems.

Getting the Condo Rented - Part three.

Our Condo Investment - Part two of our experience.

Renting Out a Condo - Our investing experience detailed.

Renting or Buying a House in Cape Town - An expat guide to South Africa.

Living in Thailand - Basic information for expats.

Living in New Zealand - Whether renting or buying...

Living in Malaysia - Rental rates, visa matters and more.

Mobile Homes: A Decent Option - The advantages.

Buy a Home Using Government Advice? - Watch out!

Small Towns With Expensive Homes - The top ten as of early 2012.

Selling a House: The Kitchen - What to work on.

How to Find Pet Friendly Condos - Getting the right information.

Where are Real Estate Prices Falling the Most? - See the list.

The Most Expensive Cities? - They start with...

Buying a Condo in Florida - Some tips.

How to Hold a Proper Moving Sale - Some good advice.

What You Need to Know When Buying a New Home - Some thoughtful tips.

Cash Real Estate - They are becoming very common.

Country Real Estate - Late 2011 examples of what's available.

Housing Cost - Some facts, figures and ideas.

Tiny Houses - Look at how small they are.

FHA Inspection - A Sham? - What a waste of time.

Cheap Condos - All over the country.

Make Money Buying and Selling Property - Six ways.

Rentals in Israel - The things you need to know if you're moving to Israel.

Important Home Buying Questions - Six of them.

What You Need to Know about Living Abroad - Some tips from Eric Hammer.

Bad Real Estate Agents - What to look for.

Market Volatility in Real Estate - How to take advantage.

100 Ways to Profit from Real Estate - The first 20 ways...

Profit from Real Estate: 21 to 40

Profit from Real Estate: 41 to 60

Profit from Real Estate: 61 to 80

Profit from Real Estate: 81 to 100

First Time Homebuyer Tips - A few good ones.

How to Find Cheap Houses for Sale - Basic strategies.

Affordable Housing Ideas - A few good ones.

Cheap Property for Sale - Paying less for real estate.

Amsterdam Real Estate - Renting or buying.

Selling a House in This Market - Some tips.

Real Estate Questions and Answers - Collected from my email...

How to Make Money in Real Estate - Several ways.

Buying a House Without a Loan - Some ways to do it.

Creative Real Estate Investing - Several good examples.

Real Estate Investing Secrets - Three of them.

Investment Opportunities in Real Estate - For the current soft market.

Flipping Houses - Some Strategies - Four possible ways.

Waterfront Property - Which Type? - Four to choose from...

Buying in a Bad Real Estate Market - What to try...

Real Estate Investment Club - How to create one...

Real Estate Investment Tips - Eighteen tips for investors.

More Real Estate Investor Tips - A continuation of the page above.

Real Estate Tips - Six of them.

Three Real Estate Investment Ideas - For tough times.

How to Sell a House Fast - Alone or with an agent.

Get an Education in Real Estate Investing - Five steps to take.

What's Next With Real Estate Values? - Some thoughts.

Making Low Ball Home Offers - How to do it right.

Renting Versus Buying a Home - The questions to ask.

Five Types of Residential Rental Properties - Which one is right for you?

How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor - Should you?

Is Real Estate a Good Investment Now? - An answer...

A Good Time to Buy a Home? - That depends...

Home Improvements - Avoid these mistakes.

Is This a Good Time to Buy a House? - The pros and cons.

Pay Less for Homeowners Insurance - A how-to guide.

Makes It Safe - See why.

The Benefits of the Housing Slump? - See what they are.

Unusual Real Estate Investments - From flea markets to hunting lodges.

Cabins For Sale - Cheap - Where to find them.

Cheap Waterfront Properties - In several parts of the country.

Cheap Land For Sale - Six examples.

Buying Rental Real Estate Cheap - Examples from late 2008.

Buying a Home - Mistakes

Home Sale Prices - Why so High?

How to Buy a House

Reduce Property Taxes

Finding Really Cheap Housing

Avoiding New Home Surprises

Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Sleeping on the Couch Costs $700,000?

Sell Your Home or Wait for a Price Rebound?

Home Ownership for Profit

Wholesaling Real Estate

No-Doc Loans

Playing Kiyosaki's Game

Canon City Real Estate

Rocky Mountain Real Estate Road Trip

Wyoming Real Estate

Rocky Mountain Homes

Anaconda Montana is Discovered

A New Real Estate Investing Book

Buying a Home With no Money Down

Six Tips for Flipping A House

Rent Versus Buy Calculators

Home Seller Beware

Protecting Your Rental Income

Land Contract Versus Mortgage

Mortgage Points - Pay or Not?

Real Estate Quiz

Real Estate Negotiation - Compromise

Market Value

Open House

Do Your Own Rental Management?

Home Buying Checklist : Take a look. Forgetting anything?

Selling Real Estate - Give The Buyers Information : Here's a list.

Cheap Houses - Why So Cheap? : Understand and get a deal.

What Are You Really Selling? : More than just a house or land.

Your Own Real Estate Investing Course : How to create it.

Buying A Home with Bad Credit : It's easier than ever.

Home Buying Secrets : Three good ones.

Cheapest Home Owners Insurance : How to find it.

Where to Find Cheap Homes: Towns with houses under $50,000.

More Places To Buy A Cheap House: Towns with houses under $30,000.

Find Your Own Inexpensive Houses: How to research towns and houses.

Find a House - A five-step process.

Selling Land - Three important tips to get a fast sale at a higher price.

Cheap Real Estate - A simple technique.

Gross Rent Multiplier - Time for a better way to put a value on it.

Raise Your Credit Score - A few simple methods.

Mortgage Cycling Secrets - What is it, and does it work?

Buy or Rent - It's not always an easy answer.

Earnest Money - How much, and who should hold the money?

Due Diligence Checklist - Use this before you invest.

The Importance of Financing

Buy Foreclosure Homes

Used Mobile Homes

Real Estate Math

Purchase Agreement

Your Real Estate Agent Is a Spy

Alternative Housing

Moving Tips

Real Estate Investment Clubs

House Buying Tips

Anaconda Montana

Loan Pre-Approval

Mortgage Prepayment Penalties

Real Estate Success

Find the Lowest Rate Possible

Make Money with Room Rentals

Get Rich with Mobile Homes

Real Estate Negotiation Techniques

Ten Tips for Selling Your House

Sell Your Rental Property for More

Don't Sell It Yourself

Hiring A Contractor

Ways to Find Investment Properties

Four Reasons to Offer Seller Financing

Real Estate Financing

Seller Financing Safety Tips

Creative Financing

Real Estate Investing Myths

Real Estate Investment Team

Rental Properties -Ways to Increase Income

Zero Down Real Estate Investing

Making Money In Real Estate - Basic Ways

Rental Property Management - Ten Questions

Invest in Real Estate - Where?

Real Estate Appraisal for Rental Properties

Home Inspection Checklist

DYI Real Estate Inspection

Moving Checklist

Motivated Sellers


Pre-Construction Investing

Modular Home Investments

Buy Property

Buy Low Sell High

Real Estate Speculation

Rental Houses

Agent Referral Fees

Real Estate Resources

Conservation Easement

Forest Land

RV Park

Real Estate Book

Become a Real Estate Agent

Build to Suit

How to Buy Foreclosures

Tax Liens

Tax Sales

Real Estate Profits

Sell House for More

Re-Zoning Real Estate

Timeshare Investments

Write Real Estate Articles

Equity Sharing

Cheap Home

Buy Apartment Buildings

Sell an Apartment Building

HUD Homes

US Marshals Auctions

Buying Rental Properties

Sell Real Estate Notes

House Selling Tips

Selling Mobile Homes

Sell Your Mortgage Note

Home Mortgage Refinancing

Buy Investment Property

Real Estate Partners - Watch Out

Real Estate Paper

Real Estate Investing Tips

Purchase Property - Three Ways

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Zero Down

Hard Money Lenders

Other Authors:

* Real Estate Options

* Bulgarian Real Estate

Small Town Living

Buy A House in Spain

Buying Real Estate in Mexico

China Real Estate

Montenegro Real Estate

Malta Real Estate

Latvia Real Estate

Egypt Real Estate

Canada Real Estate

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Selling a Home Yourself

Sell a House Yourself

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Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Preparing a Home for Sale

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Staging a Home For Sale

How to Market Your House

Market a House

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Marketing a Home

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Negotiating a Home Sale

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